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Salaried either Dies or Migraters out of country

#salaried Class either dies or migrates out of Country 1) No #tax on #realestate Why? Because they #funds#politicians from black money 2) No #tax on #agriculture Why? Because the #parliament is full of them 3) No #tax on #retailers Why? Because they votes and go on strikes. Only #Salaried class is #civilized and belonging to […]

Property Tax U/S 7E Of The Income Tax Ordinance

Prperty Icome Tax

Income Tax Alert! Any person selling immovable property above 25m can only sell the property if he has discharged his tax liability under Section 7E of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001. If the seller has not discharged his liability under Sec. 7E, he is required to pay the tax and produce the evidence of tax […]

Pakistan Budget 2023-2024

Executive Summary Pakistan is currently facing one of its most severe economic crises in decades. With a low Tax to GDP ratio and various challenges, the country is grappling with soaring inflation rates, a dwindling foreign reserve position and a history of recurring economic crises. In response to these issues, the Federal Government has presented […]