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NTN stands for “National Tax Number”. We frequently use it in tax discussions and work. An individual, a company, or an association of persons (AOP) or foreign national when registered with FBR then it provides you with a National Tax Number (NTN) or Registration Number and password

Requirements of e-enrollment for an individual are as follows:
  1. CNIC/NICOP/Passport number.
  2. Cell phone number in use.
  3. Active e-mail address.
  4. Nationality.
  5. Residential address.
  6. Accounting period.
  7. In case of business income. business name. business address.
  8. Principal business activity.

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TF CMA  decided to start this company because we saw that most Pakistani taxpayers were struggling with the burden of paying their taxes. They were spending too much time and money on paying their taxes and making sure they complied with all legal requirements. At taxfiler CMA, we are working hard to make it easier for our customers to comply with all legal requirements and pay their taxes quickly and easily.