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Tax Filerz is a dedicated team of financial experts committed to providing comprehensive tax solution and financial guidance . with a collective experience 18 years, our team members bring a diverse range of expertise to the table , ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of services.

Our team comprises Certified Public Accountants (CPAs), Chartered Accountants (CAs) , Certified Management Accountants (CMAs) and Financial Analyst , SAP Certified , Bachelor  of Law (L.L.B) Their Deep Knowledge of tax laws. and financial practice equips us to tackle even the most complex financial challenges  

Sheikh Azmat Ali


Mr Sheikh Azmat Ali , the visionary founder of Taxfilerz is a seasoned Financial expert with an impressive track record spanning over 18 years. With an extensive background in finance, accounting, investment, and business development  making him a driving force in the world of finance and business  

His expertise goes beyond numbers , encompassing vital areas such as ERP system implementation , audit practices, and strategic business financial planning and having navigated the intricate landscapes of tax advisory services , SECP , and FBR, he is well versed in the  ever-evolving rules and regulation that govern the financial sector reflecting a comprehensive grasp of operational efficiency 

A visionary in business financial planning, Mr. Azmat Ali’s strategic insights have empowered numerous enterprises to chart a path towards sustainable growth, dedication to excellence shines through his proficiency in sector-specific practices, offering clients tailor-made solutions that cater to their unique needs. His profound understanding of financial intricacies has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor, guiding businesses towards optimized financial strategies and sustainable growth.

At  Taxfierz, Mr Azmat Ali tax advisory services stand as a cornerstone, built on years of experience navigating SECP and FRBR regulations, commitment to continuous learning has enabled him to remain at the forefront of industry advancements, make him an invaluable asset to individuals and businesses seeking comprehensive financial guidance

Under his leadership , Taxfilerz thrives as a beacon of expertise and dedication , offering clients a comprehensive suite of financial series backed by Azmat Ali unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation , and client success.




Our Business Team Member

Our BTM  ensures that clients receive top-tier financial guidance and tailored services with taxation, accounting, and financial planning, striving to empower individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals with confidence and clarity.

Muhammad Zeeshan

Advocate of High Court
TaxFilerz Business Team Member

Muhammad Zeeshan is a highly skilled and experienced advocate practicing at the High Court. With a strong legal background and in depth knowledge of various areas of law, he provides expert legal counsel and representation to clients. Specializing in civil,
criminal, and commercial law. Muhammad Zeeshan has successfully handled numerous
complex cases and earned a reputation for his
strong advocacy skills. He is committed to delivering exceptional legal services, ensuring
justice for his clients and upholding the rule of law community.




Shahid Ali

Banker Investment
Tax Filerz Business Team Member

Shahid Ali is a distinguished business partner of
investment, leveraging his expertise as a member
of ICMAP (Institute of Cost and Management
Accountants of Pakistan). With over 25 years of
experience in stock exchange, business portfolio
investment, and the banking industry.
Shahid brings a wealth of knowledge to the table.
His astute financial acumen and strategic insights
make him a valuable asset, ensuring clients
receive top-notch investment advice and services
to maximize their financial potential.

Mehboob Arifi

Tax Advisory, EX-Auditor of KPMG
Taxfilerz Business Team Member

Mehboob Arifi is a highly qualified professional
with expertise in audit, tax, and accounts. He is
Affiliate with ICMAP, which reflects his dedication
to continuous learning and professional
development. With extensive experience in
conducting financial audits, providing tax planning
services, and managing complex accounting
Mehboob is a trusted resource for individuals and
businesses seeking reliable financial guidance and
solutions. His commitment to excellence and client
satisfaction makes him a standout professional in
the field.




Business Finance Partner
Tax Filerz Business Team Member

Shaista Naz is a dynamic professional and a
valuable business partner of Taxfilerz. With a
background in financial management and expertise
in tax and accounting, she plays a key role in
delivering exceptional financial solutions. As a
member of ICMAP (Institute of Cost and
Management Accountants of Pakistan).
Shaista’s proficiency in financial analysis and
strategic planning further strengthens Taxfilerz’s
services, ensuring clients receive reliable guidance
and support to achieve their financial objectives

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Tax Filerz is your  dedicate partner in the financial working , offering a range of vital services. From tax advisory , accounting, and bookkeeping to corporates compliance, audit , and legal counsel , we’ve got your back . Our seasoned team ensure your financial success while simplifying complexities.

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