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A complete guide about GST-Sales Tax Registration, Return Filing & Refund is being provided for the information of our clients and other Taxpayers.

The Sales Tax Act requires that everyone who makes a taxable supply in Pakistan, including those in the sectors mentioned above, register with the FBR. Companies with annual revenues below five million rupees. Retailers having a total turnover under Rs. Five million for the last twelve months can claim the sales tax exemption.

Taxes on supplies are based on 17% of the price. Depending on the item being supplied, taxes must be applied at 18.5% or 21% (see SRO 644(I)/2007 as amended by SRO 537(I)/

Sales Tax Liabilities

The following sectors require Sales Tax Registration and Monthly Return Filing:

  •     Manufacturing
  •     Import
  •     Services
  •     Distribution, Wholesale & Retail stage.

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